November 8, 2011

Land Raider B

As you can remember I have two LR´s, so there is the second one.

This Land Raider is built with the Forgeworld Raven Guard Terminator Land Raider kit and some etched brass.

A view of the left side, so you can see the style of my add-on´s is similar to the other land raider.

There is the big square of brass, which is different from the one in the other land raider.

The right side.
There is some details on the right side.

And the doors I will be using in this LR, I love the detail of forgeworld kits.

Any ideas to customize it a bit more?



Rico-604 said...

The doors are really cool, as far as kitbashing conversions go I'd say this one is set. For further customization you'd have to do a really good freehand because Landraiders are really good for that.

Never done a free hand myself but if its up your alley then there are quite a few tips out there.

Maybe put some raveney bits and the weapon sponsons.

Grajo said...

.- Rico-604: Yeah, I love the forgeworld raven-guard-related stuff.

Yep, freehand is an option in LRs due to all the free space in them.

Hehehe, I did :)