November 3, 2011

Ironclad Dreadnought.

Hi all.

Here there is... the blackest dreadnought ever :)

As you know, I´m a dreadnought fanboy, and I´m always ready to paint another one.

Today is the turn of my (at the moment) only ironclad dreadnought.

As you can see it is almost entirely black, this is due to my less-glitter-more-black policy.

Apart from this, I know that this dread is too much black so I´m going to paint some red strips over it, to make it fit with the rest of my army (red shoulderpads) and to add some colour without adding gliter.

As you can see is totally equipped for close combat as it has the DCCW, the seismic hammer and a flamethrower and the assault grenades.
I suppose I will be building and painting at least another one, so in the next one will come with hunter-seeker missiles and without the grenades, just to give it a different look (although I will deploying them both with the missiles and without the grenades, but...)

In this shoulderpad I will paint the strip and some company markings.

The metals are painted with the classical boltgun + badab black + mithril silver highlight.
A close view of the mechanicum symbol.
And a detail of the sarcophagus, this time, I´ve painted the visor as if it was some kind of "digital eye", just to give it a more sci-fi look.

And still looking for names to my dreads... Any idea?

Hope you like it.


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