October 27, 2011

Land Raider A

Hi all.

Today´s post is a pre-painting (post-assembly) Land Raider.

It happened to be my birthday about a month and a half ago, so my friends gave me a LR as a present and I bought another one when I went to prague in holydays so I have two Land Raiders, a spanish one and a chezc one.

This first is one of them (don´t know who of them, cause the main body is the same (the praguese one is a crusader/redeemer).

This will be the classical heavy bolter/lascannon LR, and thus I´ve added the Raven Guard land raider kit from forgeworld onto it along with some RG etched brass.

Don´t know why but blogger uploads some of my photos turned 90 degrees to the right...

Here you can see a close view of the front door with the iconography of the Raven Guard.
A view from the left so you can see the square of etched-brassed RG iconography.
A close up of it.
And a right-side view, here you can see some details I added between the front door and the side door.
A close up of the details.
And this are the pair of side doors that came along with the Raven Guard LR kit, different one from the other, but both of them keeping the same laurel theme.

As they are big and well detailed bits, I suppose they will be a pleasure to paint, and a pleasure to behold once the LR is finished.


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AreKayEl said...

Gonna TRANSPORT s'ome Tactical dreadnought armor? heh heh