October 11, 2011

Just a test: Necrosphinx leg.

Recently a friend saw the Thousand son value of the necrosphinx and will be making a Tzeenchian great daemon from it, but as the sprue is (besides amazing), there is one spare leg, which I asked him to give me to make a quick test on it, which he generously accepted to do so.

And this is the result, trying to simulate dark blue gem-like colour on the skin and old gold in the ... golds :D

It is painted to be a test, this is why the gems are red and green.

I think there is too much white on it, but I really like the effect I achieved and I think that a full necrosphinx in this scheme will look pretty cool indeed.

But don´t ask which colours did I used, cause I used about 8 different blues from GW, vallejo, americana and maybe some others and don´t remember them.

What do you think.



CJ said...

looks really good espcially the contrast between the skin and the gold is very nice!

Great job!

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

I think you might be right about the white. Maybe keep the line highlights to a pale blue color and then hit them with a few small points of pure white to make it pop.

Rebilated said...
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Grajo said...

.- CJ: Many thanks mate :D

.- Master manipulator: Yep, there is too much white but this is what tests are for, to test and error and improve :)
Yep, that is what I will try in some other mini, so the white doesn´t take too much protagonism.