October 17, 2011

Sternguard Veterans squad A first batch.

And here is the other half of my vet project... well, other quarter, because I´m gonna assemble twenty vanguard and twenty sternguard veterans.

Here are a batch of five vanguard veteran troopers.
Thing is I usually run them with six combiplasma and four combimelta, but since each of them in the bits store was sold by about 3€ they won´t be truly wysiwsg (they are recognisable enough among his mates to be worried about this).

As the vanguard ones, the legs are from the BA kits and in this case there are a pair of legs (the legs of two veterans) which are from the space wolves box, the other are from the Raven Guard upgrade kit (custom bolters included).
Here is a detail of the backpacks (from the upgrade kit too).
Detail of the colours of the chapter shoulderpads, they have the colours inverted from the vanguard scheme.
What do you think about them??



Petrow said...

Love the paint work and the extra effort you put into converting/kitbashing these guys. Excellent work!

Stahly said...

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Old Shatter Hands said...

Great work on the models! But once again, the bases...ah well.

Joe said...

These look incredible, great job! You've inspired me to start working on my sternguard again, just need one more upgrade pack.

Snake88 said...

Excellent work! these models are great! When you look at the close ups you can really see how skillfully you have painted them. Cant wait to see more!

FeRcHoX said...

Wow great work! I'm from Argentina and I want to know how the hell do you do the raven guard symbol on the shoulders?!! I'm working on my raven guard army but i don't have any specific kit. One again, great work!

Grajo said...

.- Petrow: thanks. I´ve been gathering the bits for about a year, and now, at last, it is starting to make sense :D

.- Stahly: If you take a look at our blogroll you will notice that your blog was added about four or five months ago so don´t spam and comment something about the sternguard :D

.- Old Shatter Hands: I know, I know, as I promised you, I will be painting ogre kingdoms soon and I will be making proper bases.
Thanks by the way :D

.- Joe: Thanks mate, I like so much the sternguard as well as the vanguard vets but I liked mine to look totally different as the other ones out there so I worked to achieve this and now I´m pretty proud of the work done.

.- Snake88: Thanks. You don´t have to wait, you have three more posts about the vanguards and today I published the second batch of this squad :D

.- Ferchox: In this minis, the shoulderpad icon is sculpted (many thanks to forgeworld :) ), but when I have to draw it from nothing I trie to make a pentagon (the basic shape of the symbol), draw a line in the middle and this is a good point to start from, the rest is drawing (I truly recommend to do a lot of RG symbols in paper with pen and after this with the pencil and paints you will be using in your minis so you get used to paint it).