October 13, 2011

Jumpack Chaplain

Today is the turn for a chaplain, the one that, in case they become better in next codex, will jump along with the vanguard vets.

As you can see I swapped the bolt pistol and added a powerfist, just because I love power fists and to make the guy be more versatile.

Here is a close-up of his face, just because I´m very proud of the paintwork of the eyelenses.

The left side of the guy.
Here you can see the custom-made shoulderpad (plastic deathwatch shoulderpad with the inquisition symbol filed and replaced by the Raven of the Raven Guard.

As you can see in this picture I´ve painted his tabard as a parchment, with lots of tiny letters (not real letters, of course).

You can also take a look at the crozius arcanum of the dude, I´ve painted it white, inked asurmen blue and highlighted white to give it a energised feeling, which I think is not achieved, but still I like it very much.
As you can see in the shoulderpad he is the chaplain of my company, Oh, and you can notice the whole base that was missing in the previous chaplain I bought when finecast came to life.

And there is a bit of etched brass in the jumpack.
The backpack from the back.

Hope you like it.



Asmodai said...

Really like all the small conversions. For me, it's the little swaps and additions here and there that make a model. Great job!

Grajo said...

Yeah, I think just as you.
And the mini is very nice so I don´t wanted to change it more than it is necessary, cause I like the mini but not the bolt pistol of it so I changed as few as I could.