October 24, 2011

Forgeworld librarian

As I was painting the vanguard vets squad I realized that, as I finish the vets squads, I can paint an HQ as a self-reward for painting an entire squad, that is why I painted the chaplain for the vanguards and that is why I painted this libby for the Sternguard.

Thing is that I totally love Librarians, the feeling of a warrior-mage of the future is strongly appealing for me (as well as any warrior-mage, I love them) so libbys and seers are among my favourite miniatures/concepts of the whole 40k.

This case: This is the Chief librarian of the Red Scorpions, filed and slightly converted so it sports some Raven Guard iconography.

This libby is not an impressive miniature, but that is what I truly like about it, as I did with the Raven Guard FW dreadnought, his simplicity (compared with other guys, of course) is what makes them truly fit the sneaky and secretive chapter the Raven Guard is.

As you can see he is plenty decorated with turquoise coloured motifs, this will be the colour change I will be making in my librarians to make them apart from the regular dudes.

As you can see I´ve changed his book-topped backpack for a FW Raven Guard upgrade kit backpack, this is because he is a warrior, not a lectern and I really don´t like the backpack standarts and the like.
Here is where the red scorpions icon was, it was filed and I glued a Raven Guard icon from the Raven Guard etched brass from FW.
As you can see his eyelenses are blue too, libbies are the only troopers in my army that will not have red eyelenses, just to keep on with the libby theme.

What do you think about it??



Snake88 said...

I think he looks great! cool to see him in different colors. Was there alot of iconography you had to scrape off?

AreKayEl said...

you know its awesome, sa-weet. seriously get this army on a cities of death board.

THESE ARE AWESOME, get some scouts with sgt Telion

Anonymous said...

good basing, I wouldnt use grass though. I think more urban basing suits the backgrounde more suitably.

Id score all these miniature above 10/10

Grajo said...

.- Snake88:Thanks, I love the mini, and wanted to paint it as a RG libby so...
Nah, this mini has only a little Red Scorpions icon just where the Raven Guard one stands so it was a quick cut and file and it was done (well, I changed the backpack too).

AreKayEl: Thanks mate. Tellion?

.- Anonymous: hehehehe, yes, I know the bases is my main weak spot in painting, but this is how my Raven Guard bases are done since the beginning.
And I totally agree with you that urban bases fit more the Raven Guard fluff and overall look.

AoM said...

I've really been enjoying following the progress of this army, and this Librarian is great.

Deadestdai said...

Great usage of this mini! Love it to death, from the nifty backpack switchout to the typical lovely paint job. Happy you didn't go with the blue armour that GW decided Libbies should have @ 2nd edition - along with red techmarines, I hated it then, I hate it now.