October 20, 2011

Sternguard veterans squad A second batch and group shot.

And there is the promised second batch of the sternguard veteran squad A.

A detail of the sarge, with the powerfist, as in the vanguard squad, he is the only one with a white tabard.

A detail of the right shoulderpad and the bolter (a bit blurry photo by the way), the whole squad bear the same markings on the bolter, the second squad will sport the raven claw marking.
A detail of the backpack.

A group shot of the whole squad.

Comments are welome.



Snake88 said...

Again this is totally awesome work. How long does it take you to paint a unit like this to such a high quality?

The Antipope said...

These dudes look very good. I really do like your painting still. These are some of the very few mainly black models that don't look boring that I've seen around the internet. Very well done.

However I must say I got beef with your bases. They look like someone completely different made them. I mean, you dedicated so much time to do a splendid work on the minis but at the end you just went with what looks like ready made flock for the bases? Correct me if I am wrong but I think this brings down the overall nice result. My 2 cents.