October 3, 2011

Vanguard veterans squad A: second quartet.

Here there are another quartet of vanguar vets.

As you can see there is a mix of weaponery in them, that is just for coolness sake :) .

There are a pair of troopers, one with a chainsword and plasma pistol and the other with a pow fist and a bolt pistol.
And their backpacks, which are from the BA sprue but are completed with some etched brass.
Detail of the pow fist guy.
This is another trooper, I cannot put photos of the fourth one because the internet ate them.

This guy has his arm converted, just to put him in a more dynamic position.

From the other side.

Next: Another trooper, the sarge and the whole squad.


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Anonymous said...

Sweet minis mate, planning a RG army myself so really good to see someone elses hard work pay off and look great!
Jon (UK)