September 30, 2011

Terrain: city

What the hell is this?

That is the first sketch for a home-custom-made modular table for our 40k games.

The idea behind this table is that there is a totally overlooked rule of warhammer 40k and it is the roads rule.
Thing is that we´ve played in an urban environment lots of times, but in our table there weren´t any roads to move over, just sand and what truly makes a urban table are not the building, the key thing is the streets.

A street may have a building, a square, a park, a statue or whatever, but streets are the key feature of a city.

So the idea is to buy wooden tables 60 cm long x 60 cm wide, and put over them patches of rubber, about half a cm in height so we can cut them properly and easy.

After this, I will prime black the roads (if I cand find a textured black spray it will be perfect for the job) and handpaint the sidewalks in a light brown with grayeish tones, featuring a not so clean city.

Part of the idea of this table is to make it in the same measures as the GW´s modular table so we can combine both for more modular fun.

The other idea behind this table is that every square can be combined with each other, and that will be achieved by making a 12 cm road or road end in the center of each side of each square as you can see in the drawings.

And why 12 cm wide roads? Because that is a bit more than a land raider, which is one of the bigger tanks in 40k (apart from the necron monolith and the open legs of a defiler/soulgrinder, of course).

Apart from the obvious roads there will be squares without road, featuring parks and buildings and maybe a parking.

This is the final concept drawing of it:

What do you think about it, any ideas for more tiles??



Zerloon said...

Just a little suggestion, sandpaper is a very good road, the fine one of course :D

I like youre project, you plan for a lot of 60x60 tiles!

I was thinking of something alike, but with 30x30 tiles, with road along the edges.

Student Teacher said...

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there are still, apparently, traffic circles!

Seriously though, this looks cool. I have just added you to my list of Blogs to follow, and I hope to see this project go forward. The layout looks awesome!

Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

You may have a few too many roads here. Are you intending on putting buildings on this table? If so with the way the roads are laid out it seems they will all be clustered in the center of the table where the tiles intersect.

John said...

As a Tau player I find the roads rule frustrating, as my slow skimmers don't get any benefit from it, and it makes my brother's IG vehicles faster than mine. Ah well, I'll play marines until a new codex comes out.