September 23, 2011


As you can remember I´m a huge dreadnought fan.
Things are that I show a ex-workmate my blog and he liked the dreadnoughts, indeed he liked so badly that he bought me everyone except the forgeworld raven guard one so I´ve bought some new dreads and starter to paint them again (and I´m enjoying it as much as ever).

First of all there is the classical plastic standard dreadnought, with some add-on from the Raven Guard Etched Brass things.
Oh, that and the combat shield from the assault squad sprue.

This time, I´ve tried to paint de dreads in a blacker scheme, more akin to the whole Raven Guard fluff so no white shoulder armour.

Just a little raven there.

In this dread I´ve opted for a mortis pattern dread, with lascannon and a missile launcher, and that is just because I´ve seen the forgeworld new dreadnought close combat weapons and I´m not going to use the standard GW´s again!!!!

As you can see I´ve not highlighted the metals, just to give this dread a darker feeling, and it´s just this dread because the others I painted after this one got their metals highlighted.

The other thing you can see is that there is no golden paint on this model, that is because I´ve decided that the only guys that will have something painted gold are the captains, honor guards and the 1st company guys, being venerable dreads, vets, termies or whatever.

Here you got a close-up of the sarcophagus and the shield.

I´m still thinking the names of the dreads, because I want to give them some kind of theme in the names of each type of vehicle, one theme for the dreads, other for the land raiders preds and whirlwinds, other for razorbacks and rhinos...

What do you think about it??



Granesh said...

Loving that RG Dread! The black highlighting is perfect, and I love the use of the Combat Shield! May have to steal that...

Smells Like Wargaming

Grajo said...


Feel free to use the idea as you want :D