September 26, 2011

Custom Vanguard Veteran

This is the test mini for what will be two full squads of vanguard veterans.

They are made from various kits and the Forgeworld Raven Guard upgrade kits.

In this mini the legs, the hammer, and the right shoulderpad come from the blood angels death company box while the jumpack come from the assault marines box.
The torso, left shoulderpad and head are from said forgeworld Raven Guard upgrade kit.

The jumpack is adorned with some forgeworld Raven Guard etched brass.

The legs have been slightly modified so they don´t resemble any blood angels iconography.

A detail of the head (in latter posts I will touch the theme of why the whites are a bit sandy).

More to come!!!!



IDICBeer said...

I really like them, very nice indeed. I do think the base lets them down a bit though with just the flock. Maybe just a few rocks here and there would help

IDICBeer said...

Oops, just read it's just a test mini! Sorry, I should have read the post as well as looked at the pictures lol. OK, forget what I said about the base. I really like him, very nice indeed

Grajo said...

Yep, I know the base isn´t as worked as the mini, but when I started the army this was the base I used so I´m keeping the theme...