September 19, 2011

My first finecast experience (from when it was released)

Here we are from our vacation-driven hiatus back to warhammering and to blogging.

Today I´m going to talk about my first finecast experience.

Back then, when finecas start to appeared in the stores, I went to buy a pair of minis, so I went to a GW store and purchased three minis, the eldar autarch with wings, the space marine chaplain with jumpack and an eldar dark reaper box.

First of all, I have to say that I double, even triple checked the minis inside the blisters, cause even at that time we were hearing the whole failcast thing along the internet so caution was high in my mind.

After a triple chech the minis seemed to be in perfect shape, but when I opened them the surprise came...

This is the first mini as it came in the blister art:

And this is the wing-pack that came in my blister:

Now if you take a look to the wings you´ll notice that the wings are so damaged that it seems the winged autarch get into a fight with a path-of-the-hunting-cat autarch or something, but it gets even worse, that is the way the feathers are IF YOU DON´T TOUCH THEM, because when I barely touched it with my fingertip the feathers started to tear down.

The areas what tear down when you touch them are the ones outlined red.

So, the autarch went back to the store.

The other mini was the jumpacked chaplain:

In the finecast box-art you can´t notice it, but the mini stands atop of some rocks with a censer (inbuilt in the miniature).

There is the miniature the way I opened it:

First of all, when I took the mini to put it out of the blister, the hand fell down, and then I noticed the whole base dissappeared with no hint of where it was.
Bubbles... huge bubbles, I suppose.

And strange as finecast is... the rest of the mini was totally perfect in shape, with perfect details, perfect plain zones, the face was perfectly casted...

So this mini went back to the store too.

After this, I opened the dark reaper box, and as I looked the minis I noticed that the helmets were lacking the eldarish things that are at both sides of the head, so three minis out of three went back to the store.

After this, I went back to the store and the guy in it let me open the others and, if the mini inside the blister was ok I can pick it.

Things are the autarchs were wrongly casted and it was pretty noticeable from outside the blister so I went to the chaplains, open the first one and his face was unrecognisable and the jumpack has a huge bubble in both vents, and the second one (just three minis on each store, remember) was casted in a super-soft kind of resin, like bubble gum, you can twist it, even the legs (as the store was going to bring the mini back we played with it quite a bit, amazed at how much we can twist it without it being torn).

And there was no other box of dark reapers so I went out of the store with no minis and my money back to my wallet...

When we went out of the store we went to a store in the downtown of Madrid called Atlantica, and there I purchased the chaplain in perfect shape, a dark angels company master (converted to be a Raven Guard champion) in even more perfect shape and the box of dark reapers without bubbles or miscasts.

What I suppose, the GW stores went the first stores to receive the minis, just in case they were not enough miniatures for all the stores theirs were totally supported, but this backfired as the first minis were the ones with more errors, miscasts, twists and bad proportions in the mix of resin...

But there is still more:

After this, some weeks, even months after, I went back to the store and tried to purchase a termi librarian, which has a bubble in its leg so huge that a lot of its waist and kneepad dissappeared (and the other termi libs in the store weren´t better, and some weeks after the lib, tried to purchase a techmarine with its servitors, and I´ve said tried because his face was melted and somewhat it remembered sloth from the goonies.

What the hell is happening, is this store cursed or what?
Maybe it´s me when I enter this store... I don´t know, but I haven´t been able to purchase a good mini in this official store...

And apart from this... I love finecast, lighter, easier to convert, more resistant minis... YAY, count me in!!!!

I cannot wait till they release the masters of the chapter box and Pedro Kantor blister.



Old Shatter Hands said...

Sorry to hear it. Finecast is really a wild card, either great or horrible, you never know.

Grajo said...

You have to search a lot and take a very good lock to the minis you buy but, if you do this the minis are great.
I´ve bought an Avatar, a Chaplain, the Dark Angels company master, a Commissar (just cause I like the mini) and they are almost perfect miniatures, but some batches are cursed, especially the first wave ones in my opinion.