September 29, 2011

Vanguard veterans squad A: first quartet.

Do you remember my Raven Guard Vanguard Veteran test mini?

I´ve finished some of the guys, and here they are.

Four guys for today´s post: A thunderhammer vet, a pow mace/plasma pistol one, a chainsword/plasma pistol dude and a pow sword/bolt pistol veteran.

Details for the first two.
The jumpacks: as you can see one is a blood angels jumpack with the symbols filed and the other is a standard one with some etched brass on it.
The other two guys, one is the test mini.
One more time one backpack is from the death company sprue and the other has etchedd brass on it.
Details of the chapter shoulderpad painting and the backpack brass (depiction of a raven skull).

Comment and criticism will be welcome.



IDICBeer said...

They look really great, still not convinced about the base though

Old Shatter Hands said...

Your painting is getting better and better. But there is one thing, preventing you from becoming a truly great painter...the bases...otherwise these are brilliant, the freehand, the highlighting, etc, all great...

Jason Gross said...

Great job!

I recognize the shoulder plate RG emblem from forgeworld's upgrade pack, but where is the other shoulder plates from?

Grajo said...

Yeah, yeah, I know the base thing, but every mini in my RG army has a green flocked base, but I promise to try to improve my bases in my next army (Ogre Kingdoms I hope).

The other shoulder plate is from the BA Death Company box, each mini in each unit bears the same right shoulderpad so I ordered 10 from a bits store.