June 26, 2013

New allied army: Carcharodons!

With the inclusion of allies in 6th edition I will be building a Carcharodons allied force that will hit the tabletop as Blood Angels, Space Wolves or Dark Angels as needed.

I´ve choose Carcharodons cause they seem to be an offspring of my beloved Raven Guard so it seems plausible the dudes running to aid his father chapter in times of need.
I´ve choose them also cause I love their fluff and looks.

Here is my first try at a carcharodons miniature: A librarian.
The mini is made from a sanguinary guard dude with some FW Severin Loth´s kit shoulderpads.
I´ve filed out the most obvious BA iconography trying to make it more vanilla.

It is painted before my airbrush junkie thing, so it is painted in GW colours and washes.
I like how this guy came out but I will be painting the carcharodons gray a bit paler so it contrasts a bit more with the black shoulderpads.

What do you think?


Dai said...

Very nice effort so far, though I feel he could do with some of the iconography and fetishes that the IA book shows the Carchar's slapping on their armour?

Grajo said...

Yep, this was just a try, but it seemed too dark so I used some airbrush and applied some paler colours, but I will be posting the whole journey :D