June 21, 2013

Warmachine army building: Khador!

I´ve decided to alternate old articles with new generation ones so here there is a new generation article: my humble start in warmachine army painting: Khador warjacks.

Here is my first true attempt at using my airbrush in a mini, minis indeed cause I painted two warjacks at the same time: Khador Juggernaut and Demolisher.

I´ve choose the green colour cause I haven´t seen almost no khador army painted this way.

For the greens I´ve used:
Vallejo Model Air Gunship Green (Verde acorazado) as base
Vallejo Model Air Panzer Olive (Panzer oliva) as dark color.
Vallejo Model Air Pale Green (Verde palido) as highlight color.
Final highlights will be made with pale green with a drop of white.

To make the reds I´ve used:
Vallejo Model Air Scarlet Red (Rojo escarlata) as base.
Vallejo Model Air Fire Red (Rojo Fuego) as highlight.

Don´t change your channel, this will keep going till they are finished.


Kaughnor said...

Great to see you up and running again. Any chance you might add a wraith knight to your eldar collection? Would love to see how you paint it up.

Grajo said...

Hehehe, thanks mate.

I got a Wraithknight glued which I´ll be painting soon, but before this I have some other things to paint, but be patient, it will show up eventually :)