January 19, 2010

Down from the Sky

Last weekend while I was listening at this great Manowar's song I decided to retake my old idea of a 1500 drop pod (and obel) army.

I plan to use this against my usual Tau and (traitor) IG foes. We are talking about so many tanks it's not even funny. The idea is to give them the first turn without deploying anything and then start the fun on my turn 1 with the drop pods. I haven't designed it to min max everything but to have fun.

Squad 1
  • Logan Grimnar

  • 6 Long Fangs (3x melta, 1x LC, 1x ML)

  • Wolf Guard (terminator armor, cyclone)

  • Drop Pod

Squad 2 & 3

  • 7 scouts (melta bombs, melta gun)

  • Wolf Guard (combi melta, chain fist)

Squad 4 & 5
  • 10 Wolf Guard (10 combi melta, 1 chain fist)

  • Drop Pod

The LF squad should be able to pop 1 or 2 tanks the turn it arrives with Logan's High King skill. Logan himself and the termie WG should be able to take some for the team and keep them alive for a while.

With Logan will arrive one of the combi melta squads and pop one more tank. The second turn will be decisive, it will all depend on the casualties and the reserve dices.


  • Enough meltas to make my friends stop liking tanks.
  • Lots of fun with average luck


  • Too random (deep strike scatter and reserve dices).
  • Only two scoring units (WG thanks to Logan).
  • My friends might be reading this and build their armies accordingly...

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