January 12, 2010

Grey Hunters squad ready!

As promised here you have the pics of the Grey Hunters I finished last week:

I'm not a big fan of the baby blue GW is using lately, I prefer the pre-heresy color scheme. I haven't decided yet which company and pack marks I'm going to use so they are not totally finished. I've changed the side of the yellow shoulderpad so both the power armor and the terminator armor got it on the same side.

As for the bits I have combined vanilla SM and Space wolves and I think they look wolfy enough. I will only go full SW bits with the Wolf Guard to make a difference.

Right now I'm working on 3 more terminators and aiming to finish them next week, so expect new posts about them soon!


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Those GH look really good, man. I especially like the muted, earthy blue/grey of the armor.

I agree that official baby blue is horrible for a supposedly savage, barbaric and feral chapter. I've gone a different direction with my Wolves, as well.

Great job, though, looking forward to seeing those Termies!

Sgt. Brisbane said...

PS - Scrolled down and saw the Termies, very nice!!!

Elahir said...

Thanks! ^^ I actually enjoy more painting the termies, esier and faster.

Do you have a link to see your puppies? I'm always looking for new ideas.