January 7, 2010

Space Wolves FAQ

Finally the official FAQ is out. It is very detailed and it solves all the doubts I had. I'm especially happy with two things:

  • Logan can benefit from the High King special rule the turn he arrives from reserves and at the beggining of the oponent's turn. I've wanted to drop pod him with a Long Fang squad plus a Wolf Guard with Cyclone since the codex came out. Expensive but I play many times against tau and Imperial Guard so I think it will be a lot of fun combined with scouts.
  • The +1 T from the Thunderwolf mount counts against Instant Death. Basically no more Saga of the Bear for my Wolf Lords.
I recommend to have a good read at it, it has many JoWW clarifications and a funny thing, Lukas can kill a Warlord titan with the Last Laugh.

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