August 30, 2010

Raven Guard Second Company Comman Squad

Here they are my Raven Guard Second Company Command Squad (GW don´t seem to know what colour goes with what company of the raven guard so I choose the classic red and a "II" in some shoulderpads and it´s done :D ).

It will mostly be a close combat oriented command squad, that is the reason of the energy weapons everywhere.

They will be accompanying my AOBR captain (count as sicarius... post pending), and they will be riding a razorback... mostly.

They are made by mixing the spare pieces of the ravenwing boxes (used to make my ravenwheel), the command squad sprue and the revered Raven Guard Upgrade Pack from Forgeworld.

The upgrade pack from forgeworld is nice, indeed... I need another four to make some guard and vanguard vets.

As you would notice... there is no champion or standard bearer... I think the champion is too expensive for what he adds to the squad (I still will be painting the old metal one to use it in case of need), and the standard bearer... I´m still thinking about the banner, so it will take long.

And now... the guys.

The apothecary: the only forgeworld stuff this guy has is the raven guard shoulderpad, the other things are the standard command squad sprue.

I like his martial artist position :D

The guy with the combimelta: chest, head, chapter shoulderpad and backpack are from forgeworld.
Nothing else to say... and assaulty guy with a shot to blow a tank up.

The mace one: the power mace is from the Dark Angels upgrade pack which a friend of mine (In Cavda Venenum from "maestros del capitulo") gave me cause I love this weapon, the only change I made is the DA symbol in the wrist.
This is the only guy who will not shoot during an assault (combi-plasma)... if the weapon I choose in a list for him is the one displayed in the mini, of course :D

The Chaaaaaaaarge!!! guy: Another assaulty one, with the classical plasma pistol/power sword combo, power sword that came from the ravenwing sprue.

The pointing guy: he points at the next target with a power fist, he will be the last in deliver the punches, but they will be punches to take care of.
I love his helmet, the real beakie from the forgeworld pack.
A family photo.

The same from a cenital perspective.

I like how homogeneal they are and still different from one another.
Next post: Aajz Solari, Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard Second Company (on foot).
Hope you like ´em

August 27, 2010

Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought.

The day the Raven Guard Upgrade Pack came to my hands, a Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought came also, as well as a Dreadnought Plasma Cannon and a Dreadnought Drill Arm with encased Flamethrower.

The first time I saw a picture of the FW RG Vet Dreadnought I thought it was too simple to be a proper venerable dread, but since it came to my hands I´ve learned to love it.

Indeed, the major mistake I saw at the first moment (the lack of barroque decorations on this guy) came to be the major success, cause Raven Guard is a secretive and sneaky chapter, so they need to be as simple and black as possible, well, it´s not like the dread would infiltrate anywhere, but... I like´em plain and simple.

Here is the guy.

Do you see the wing in the sarcophagus??

About 8 layers of white (in different tones) went into the hightlight of them.

I´m specially proud of the plasma cannon, don´t know why, but I really like it.

A cenital view to show you the "old" gold of the sarcophagus and a tiny detail: the upper part of the smoke vents are painted in gold (to make it a bit more a jewel of the chapter).

I usually paint the mechanicum symbol gold, but I painted it in the official scheme and I like it a lot.

As ever comments and criticism will be welcome.


August 5, 2010


In this post I´m gonna talk about my (at the moment) only HQ for my tau army.

The Shas´XX (where xx is "O" or "El" depending the needs).

I don´t have a name for him at the moment, but... soon I´ll have it.

This guys was built knowing the actual vehicle rage in the game, and is equipped with a Missile Pod for long range anti light vehicle and a Fusion Blaster for Short (very short, indeed) antivehicular power.

I´ll usually equip him with the proper fatigues to survive the short range "environment", and will have a 2+ armour save with feel no pain and a shield generator, as well as a multitracker and sometimes a computer for a +1 BS.

And of course... a pair of shield drones to keep this high priced piece of plaststeel alive as much as they can.

What I expect of this guy: Taking vehicles, light ones with missiles and heavier vehicles with the plasma, as well as survive as much as possible with all the upgrades he will be awarded with.And as ever... keep the morale of my guys high.
I also expect him to JSJ to death and not be charged, but this is only a hope.

The question is... Solo or with XV-8 guards?

What I don´t expect of him: Survive every battle while having to take tanks from near.

And here is the man... the alien, I mean.

He has some markings in red, this is cause I´m going to assembly and paint about four battlesuited HQ´s and every battlesuited HQ will be painted with markings of different colour, one red, one blue, one yellow, etc...

- Red: Missile pod/Fusion blaster (this guy)
- Blue: Missile pod/Plasma Rifle
- Yellow: Fusion blaster/Plasma Rifle
- Orange or grey: Anti-infantry HQ (mine projector, ciclonic blaster and flamethrower in some combination)
- Purple: Farsight.

And now... the photos.

The guy... a Forgeworld model, slightly converted (I will explain it later in the post).

I´m pretty proud of the position, like surveying the battlefield searching for objectives.

The stone is a piece of a cork from a bottle of wine... I think.

A detail of the optics and mark of the chest.

A photo showing the back (notice the custom made ankle-strengthers... a tutorial about this will be posted)
Another photo.

The ankle piece.
The weapons are conversions (very easy ones).
The arm is a standard forgeworld battlesuit arm, but the weapons are plastig gw ones cut and filed out a bit.
This one is a Missile pod, the round drum-like thing is the back part of a cicloblaster and the laser sight thing of the bottom is part of a tau flamethrower.
This one is a plastic Fusion blaster, which plasma deposit was filed and glued to the back part of the arm.
Do you like it??