March 15, 2011

Eldar Ranger/Pathfinder

Today, here they are one of the coolest (although not the most useful) troop units in the 40k universe, the rangers/pathfinders.

I´ve ever liked ´em, the fluff, the long coats, the craftworld colours almost hidden under their garments, the sniper stuff... they will always have a spot in my lists, even when I know they are not the best troops, but they still are very reliable objective takers, if you make they run away of the flamers, of course.

Here they are the guys.

At the moment they are a 5 man squad, but I´ll buy and paint 5 more (I´m still thinking about buying the "special" model in GW page)

I wanted a leather effect in the trenchcoats, so they were painted as follows:

Primer: Citadel Chaos Black.

Basecoat: Citadel Foundation Khemri Brown.

Ink: Citadel Badab Black (heavy wash).

First highlight: Khemri Brown once again.

Final highlight: Tallarn Flesh.

In this image you can see better the leather effect, the badab black makes the recesses so dark and the Tallarn Flesh make a soft bright in the coats.

As you can see their backpacks are well detailed, and this makes the backpack a very important thing in this mini, cause if you paint them in a way that fits the rest of the mini they will enhance the final look of it, but if not they will seem totally out of place.

Having this in mind, I´ve painted the packs the same way as the patfinders, using the same technique for the browns and using the same whites so they don´t broke the main scheme.

The buttons for the rifle sheath are metallic while the buttons of the pockets are little red gems (just a curiosity).

I have tried to maintain the craftworld colours at a minimum, but still recognisable, cause they will be infiltrating everywhere but are (ironically) proud renegades of the craftworld.
I think these are very good minis and a pleasure to paint, as are most of the eldar range, and there is a thing that I consider as a great success in the latter miniatures:
Look at the photo below, now whatch how the boot shapes where the kneepad should be, that makes a very huge step to reality, cause when you see the mini you think that the boot is standing outside the classic eldar armour (which is not, cause, after all, it is a pewter miniature) and gives a sense of a dressed guy, and not the sense of a chunk of metal, that is a little but nice detail that make the latter miniatures a lot better than the older ones.
I´m very proud of these minis, so I hope you liked them.
As ever comments and criticism are welcome.



keith said...

Fantastic work, the colour scheme works great!

Thomas Kirk said...


Great look. I really want too copy your trench coats if you do not mind. Is it possible to send you a quick email with some questions?