March 8, 2011


Hi all, fellow gamers.

Today I´m going to show you the artisan guys that are called to the army when need arises, the Guardians.

It´s kind of strange for a dying race to send their civil people to war, but hey, who am I to question the wisdom of the millenia aged farseers (and the way games-workshop did the eldar fluff...).

Thing is that I don´t like the horde-type eldar army, I find totally out of place a dying race army full of untrained civilians, but still, they are cheap and useful, and came with a Heavy Weapons Platform allowing them to shoot on the run, so, they make good far-from-enemy-assaulters-objective takers.

So here they are the guys.

I´ve painted them in quite a simple scheme, and instead of highlight them as usually, I drybrushed them, so their armour looks clean but old and not well maintained.

For the body:
Primer: Citadel Chaos black.
Base: Citadel Shadow grey.
Ink: Citadel Asurmen blue.
Drybrush: Vallejo Grey blue.
Final highlights: Americana Baby blue. (yep, three different paint manufacturers in there).

All this process except for the final highlights took me about 3 hours for the whole squad (the platform was painted apart)

For the heads:
Primer: Citadel skull white (which, after it dried, had a sandy texture that made me curse GW several times, and is the reason these guys don´t have their eyelenses painted).
Ink: Badab black.
Drybrush: Vallejo Silvergrey.
Final highlights: white (citadel or vallejo, I´ve used both in those guys).

The platform and the platform operators:
Two guys.
Two guys... again. The back of those two guys.
And that´s all.
Hope you liked it.

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