March 1, 2011

Yet another army... ELDAR.

Hi again guys.

I know it has been a long time since our last posts and that is due to a pair of facts.
First of all, my fellow blogger Elahir found a job in another city 600 km away from our city, so he has hard times keeping up with the hobby (but eventually he comes and play some games and usually beat the crap out of us).
The other fact is my father broke his hip, but since my father got cybernetic body, an Iron Halo, is Stubborn, and has Feel no Pain he is recovering surprisingly well, thanks to his doctor too, which gives the rule "This is a wound? shut the f*ck up and let me do some apothecary tricks in there" that put everyone in the hospital back in their feets in no time with almost no sequels (I think the codex where my father came is a bit overpowered, but... meh, right now I´m pretty happy with it :) ).
The thing is I´ve been caring him, but since I´m quite an active guy I´ve been painting some marines, playing some games and, which came up to this post... starting my eldar army.

The eldar were my first "complete" army (since no army is complete ever, IMO), back in the times of 2nd edition, and I´ve loved them since then, indeed, I have the insect mask farseer (1990) waiting to be painted as well as the previous incarnation of the wraithguard, that I think will be painted soon (farseer sure, the others... not so soon).

This is the farseer (indeed I have every mini depicted in this image)

And this two are the wraithguard (they were called Ghost Warriors back then)

Since my childhood group was disbanded (with no reason I can remember), I inherited part of the eldar army, cause we were young without much money to spend and bought the armies as a group, and almost everything of it is lost so I´ve had to start from the almost beginning, not counting my about 15 warlocks, my old farseer, Eldrad, and some other old goodies from a time when GW minis was much much cheaper than today, eldar had access to powerfists and almost everything was made of lead (yep, pewter was not applied to minis at this moment and plastic was a rare thing in our hobby).

So, I´ve started an eldar army once again.

As a side note... I really want to keep it up with the Marines and Tau, but since the Tau codex is going to be updated soon (well, soon in GW standards... you know) I´ve had them in a hiatus of painting, although I am still having games with them, and for the marines... I´m waiting another 10 legs (pairs of, of course) to make two squads of vanguards and two squads of sternguards, but still playing with them too.

The thing is I struggled so much to find a scheme that I like so after some test (brown eldar with blue lenses/jewels and grey eldar with blue lenses/jewels) I decided for a somewhat classic scheme but, as my friends use to say... a bit sad.

My friends think that eldar should be colourful and jelly like, but I don´t like that concept for what the fluff tell us is a dying race, so I painted them with a Shadow Grey base for the blues and Deneb Stone for the whites so this two colours make my army kinda Sad, but that is the way I intended to paint it, so, in contrast of the sadness of my army I´m kinda happy with it :) .

That is the scheme for non guardian units in my army (my guardians are all blue with white helmet):

In the eldar painter this scheme doesn´t seem to be so sad, but that is cause I also used inks (Asurmen blue, How appropriate!!) to darken it a bit, example given: two guardians:

As you can see, the blue becomes kinda sad, cause it seems more a coloured grey than a blue and the white seems kinda darkened.

I have the scheme I wanted... Now what?

Then I read the eldar codex lots of times and played with army builder to know what units I want in my army, which in the grajo+eldar case is not as useful as it seems to be cause I really like every unit in the codex, except maybe the Swooping Hawks, but it was a good start to have some base units to build the army around them so I started with an autarch (I don´t want to paint that farseer untill I have the scheme totally mastered) a ten man guardian squad with its platform and a five man pathfinder squad (although I do prefer the Dire Avengers, but the guardians are soooo easy to paint).

I have to say that I really love the jetbike guardian squads and the wraithguard, but I´ll wait till they get a new biker model and plastic revamp respectively in the new codex, which is mandatory.

Oh, and the biker council too.

After that, Fire Dragons, Fuegan and their falcon, Howling Banshees and their Wave serpent, a pair of Wraithlords...

So... wait for more eldar posts soon.


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