April 14, 2011

Eldar Falcon.

And here comes my first eldar vehicle.

Initially, I thought the falcon was not a think worth have, but as time passed by, I have learned to respect the good old Falcon.

I think I will put a bright lance on it, and will be carrying the fire dragons so, if with the pulsar and the lance the falcon pops a transport the dragons will toast the unit in it but if it don´t the dragons will do the tank hunting and some other unit sweeps the infantry.

So, the falcon will be part of the dragon surprise combo.

The thing is, I think I will only using one falcon in my army, so I´ve painted in a slightly different scheme than the other tanks. As you can see there is kind of a chaotic pattern, with different markings in each wing.

As you can see there is a frosted cabin, so it doesn´t let you see the cockpit. I´ve painted the pilot as if he is lighted by the control panel in front of him but the frosted parts ruin the whole cockpit (and they are inside the cabin :( ).

That´s how the cockpit of the pilot should like (even when there is a bit of frost in the gunner cockpit too):
The other side of the machine.

The door.

As seen in google maps :)

Do you see the black three panels in the left wing?

I want to make a freehand, but I don´t know what to do in them, maybe kind of a space landscape with a galaxy in the middle and tiny stars around it with eldar runes on the lower part of the panels... don´t know, if someone has an idea let me know, please.

Just a question... Why the falcon can be armed with two heavy weaopns in the turret when rules-wise you can put only one?

Hope you liked it.


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Colonel Shofer said...

Very nice work bud,

How did you frost the canopy?

Keep it up !!!