April 10, 2011

Phoenix Lords: Fuegan, the burning lance.

Hello, fellow gamers.

As I was finishing the fire dragons, I saw the Fuegan mini and thought that I was going to paint him as a "reward" for painting the whole fire dragons squad, so I did it, and re-read the phoenix lords rules, and I can say fuegan is one of the best PL´s (imo).

Despite he brings a melta weapon with a good range, he totally is a beast in close combat.

4 Str 5 attacks at initiative 7 and ws 7 is a thing to take care of, but when you read that him attack as a monstrous creature and he has 2 + save and feel no pain it turns to be a invaluable asset to any army.

Now the question: Is him as reliable in the table as he is in the paper?

I think not at all, but, as ever I´ll have to test him to say anything about it. Apart from this, he also has a fire pike with both exarch powers, so, no smoke dischargers or flat out will disturb his shots, which is a very good thing to know :).

I thing i will using him in addition to the fire dragons exarch, so I can shot two fire pikes without cover, which is a great thing to consider, knowing my fellow gamers tend to use a lot of vehicles (that is the main reason I will be using lots of anti tank in my eldar army) and to have the ability to kill things in CC with the dragons (of the ability to put fuegan out of the unit and take two targets at once.

And now about the mini:

Lot of time has passed since the phoenix lords were released, but the quality of this minis and the amount of detail and personality sculped in each one keeps surprising me, sure they have kind of a static position, but they are an impressive mini to behold and for an experienced painter they are still a challenge to paint.

And, which is the better part of the minis... they are pretty fun to paint. Not-so-long time ago, I decided to paint the aspect warriors in the same colours as the craftworld warriors, and after this, I decided to paint the phoenix lords the same way, but, due their status, I was not going to paint them the exact way so I´ve to make a difference, I´ve painted them with some more white details and the gems of this guys is yellow as well, to keep them apart the regular guys.

And here is the burning lance himself:

Side view so you can see the yellow gems.

Huge fire pike, isn´t it?

One more.

Detail of the axe.
A closer view.

Hope you like it.

Comments and criticism will be welcome as ever.

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Rob said...

Just been having a look through your blog, and I really like your Eldar. It's a very cool colour scheme. I totally agree with what you said about rainbow Eldar armies as well. They look so much better kept to the same pallette.