April 18, 2011

First Wraithlord

Can you recall the first lines of my fire dragons post?

The ones that say that initially I disliked the models?

Well, the wraithlord is totally the opposite case, when GW released it I knew that I will going to paint more than one of these, the mini is incredible, a impressively cool revamp of the classic eldar dreadnought of the old ages, but as a much more dynamic, eldarish, agile machine... and less bulky too.

It totally fits the high powered thin guys that the eldar army has.

And, one of the best parts of this kits is that it come with every option available for it in the codex... and with some cool extra bits, like the tabard, the wraps of cloth, the tomb for the base, the base itself... the mini is a real plasure to paint and to assemble.

And now about the rules, the wraithlord is a nasty machine, with a strenght of 10 and a resistance of 8 is a monster equal in power to a dreadnought.

It is capable of deal lots of damage in melee to anyone as well as be so hard to wound by anybody but the growing market of 2+ venom weapons, so it is a unit that should not be used against space marines and their sternguard guys.

The other surprising rule is the Wraithsight, and without a psyker near them they have a 1/6 possibility of do nothing at all in the turn and be automaticly hittable in CC, strange thing, cause the eldar, in their incredible knowledge of technology and the warp should have designed a way to override this restriction, but... Who am I to question the GW fluff/rules ratio?.

The other thing a wraithlord features is the ability to carry two heavy weapons , which is pretty nice to make a specifically designed wraithlord for each battle.

In my case I will be arming them with a bright lance and a eldar missile launcher to have more anti-vehicle and some anti-infantry (with the pinning blast of the eldar missile launcher) and my plan is to make the wraithlord a weapon platform that accompanies the bulk of my army, cause with that punch in melee, is a theat incredibly difficult to deal with, except for melta, railguns, powfist or the kind of weapons that shouldn´t be on every mini.

Oh, and they come with a pair of assault weapons, which I think the flametrower is the most used for obvious reasons.

This is the first wraithlord of a pair of them.

This one comes armed with a bright lance, a missile launcher and a pair of shuriken catapults.

I´ve painted it trying to simulate my standard craftworld´s scheme for the eldar, black underclothes, blue armour and white heads as well as red/purple gems.

The thing is one wraithlord will come with most gems painted purple and the symbol in his back red and the other with most gems painted red and the symbol painted purple, not for anything, just a detail. Closer look to the symbol.

I´m still thinking about what kind of symbols can I add to their heads, but until I found them their head will remain white.

Hope you like it.


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RonSaikowski said...

Very nice and clean. Love the light blue color as well. Taking the saturation out makes it look like it's been bleached from the desert sun like the base.

Ron, From the Warp

Anonymous said...

I'd say leave the head as is. Its nice & clean with good contrast to the rest of the mini.

Beautiful paint job!

Rictus said...

He is looking very nice, i'm a big fan of the Wraithlord model and I think your scheme looks excellent both here and on the other models.

The white heads I think looks quite effective as is, not sure it needs anything added to it.