November 28, 2011

Chaos Warlord: present for Elahir.

Here we are again.

As you know, cause I´ve commented you in previous posts: we are entering the fantasy thing.

As you shouldn´t know, my blogmate doesn´t write anything there cause the job brought him to another city in Spain and he is working, training and studying at the very same time, he had a hard exam and after this came to Madrid for a weekend to see his family and to see us a bit.

Thing is that I know that he want to paint, play, roleplay, etc... as ever but his time shrunk since the whole multitasking started so I wanted to give him a mini as a present.

Being a chaos player to the bone (a kornish one indeed) I recalled that the chaos warlord mini from games day 09 will be perfect for my plans so I stopped my ogres chain production and put myself to work in this dude.

I know he is the khorne kind of player but having asked the scheme for his future army and not having any firm response I started to paint it and used a scheme that will fit most of the khornish armies.

In the armour and shield I´ve used boltgun, then badab black, then a bit of devlan mud to give the armour a more "dirty" look, and then I highlighted it with mithril silver.

The gold is shimmering gold, gryphonne sepia and at last, highlighted with shining gold.

The fur is bleached bone, inked with ogryn flesh, then bleached bone again and the las highlight was made hair by hair with skull white.

The skulls were painted with vallejo deneb stone, a wash of gryphonne sepia, a very light wash of devlan mud, highlight with deneb stone and the final highlight was done with a pair of layers of thinned down pure white.

And the two things I like more of this mini:

The horns: I painted the horns as games-workshop tells you to do so, so I painted it with a dark brown and highlighted it with sucessive lighter lines and I like a lot the results.

The other thing is the gem he is sporting, I´ve painted it with vallejo turquoise, then vallejo light turquoise, then vallejo green blue, after this I 50/50 mixed the green blue and white and finally some light reflections with pure white.

This is part of an idea I had: to paint an HQ for each of my mates.

What do you think about this dude???


November 21, 2011

WIP Chronus.

There is a thing I was building some time ago, the Raven Guard version of Chronus:

As any Raven Guard captain he is painted black with white arms and shoulderpads (although he is not a captain).
I´ve trimmed and filed off all the ultramarines symbols and I need to put a purity seal in the center of the torso, where de Ultramarines symbol was filed.
I´m going to use Telion´s head, which looks old, calm and experienced.

More pictures sooner or later :)


November 18, 2011

Rhino doors x4

Things are that I sometimes make plans that will be done in the far future, this is one of this cases:

Some day I will be building four rhinos/razorbacks/whirlwinds.

Some day? And right now?

Right now I´m building and painting and Ogre Kingdoms army (lots of posts pending) so this project will be delayed a bit :D

November 16, 2011

Raven Guard Plastic Venerable Dreadnought.

Here we are again to present you my lattest addition to my Raven Guard army: a venerable dreadnought made from the plastic space marine Venerable dreadnought.

As you can see it is build with a plasma cannon as well as painted to match the scheme of my Forgeworld Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought.

I´ve opted to build it in a classical style instead of make use of the other sarcophagus, which show the helmet of the "pilot", that is ´cause I like the columns bits, in the sarcophagus as well as in the torso, cause it lets you freehand something between the "columns" but sadly up to date, I haven´t been able to find a design that I want to freehand in it.

That doesn´t mean that there is not a freehand in the mini, as you can see the legs bits are quite freehanded, except for the raven skull and the Raven Guard icon (etched brass, you know).

Here you have a side view of the dude and how the white raven seems to be much brighter than it should be, I don´t know how to achieve this effect but I like it pretty much.
One of the things I like from my new miniatures is as simple as the use of Citadel´s Boltgun instead of Vallejo´s Chainmail, cause the Boltgun metallic colour has a "greased metal" look that I like pretty much, and because the citadel colour is pretty uniform when correctly painted, without bubbles or lumps and every ink you put in it seems to correctly place itself so it gets the most of the metallic colour.
There is the plasma cannon, is painted as ever, Vallejo Torquoise, highlighted with vallejo light turquoise, highlighted with vallejo green blue and with a white dot in the edges (yes, the "shoulder" needs some details, I know)
Here you can see the effect on the plasma cannon and how the boltgun metal and the badab black make me happy every time I combine both :D
A detail of the right "kneepad" so you can see the freehand decoration around the skull.
The same for the left "kneepad" and the bit in the... Groin???

A detail of the lenses on the dreadnought, turquoise as well, because I think it makes a nice contrast with the redness of the rest of the army.

As you can see this isn´t the classical dreadnought arm, that is cause the fist is make with four blood angels blood claws, to differentiate this dreadnought from the standard one.
But the thing is that the BA claws fit perfectly in the plastic standard dreadnought arm, but not in the venerable dreadnought arm so if you are going to try this you have to be cautious glueing it (if you take a look you can see a bit of glue in the center of the fist).
Just another thing: any ideas of what can I freehand in the torso and sarcophagus???


November 8, 2011

Land Raider B

As you can remember I have two LR´s, so there is the second one.

This Land Raider is built with the Forgeworld Raven Guard Terminator Land Raider kit and some etched brass.

A view of the left side, so you can see the style of my add-on´s is similar to the other land raider.

There is the big square of brass, which is different from the one in the other land raider.

The right side.
There is some details on the right side.

And the doors I will be using in this LR, I love the detail of forgeworld kits.

Any ideas to customize it a bit more?


November 3, 2011

Ironclad Dreadnought.

Hi all.

Here there is... the blackest dreadnought ever :)

As you know, I´m a dreadnought fanboy, and I´m always ready to paint another one.

Today is the turn of my (at the moment) only ironclad dreadnought.

As you can see it is almost entirely black, this is due to my less-glitter-more-black policy.

Apart from this, I know that this dread is too much black so I´m going to paint some red strips over it, to make it fit with the rest of my army (red shoulderpads) and to add some colour without adding gliter.

As you can see is totally equipped for close combat as it has the DCCW, the seismic hammer and a flamethrower and the assault grenades.
I suppose I will be building and painting at least another one, so in the next one will come with hunter-seeker missiles and without the grenades, just to give it a different look (although I will deploying them both with the missiles and without the grenades, but...)

In this shoulderpad I will paint the strip and some company markings.

The metals are painted with the classical boltgun + badab black + mithril silver highlight.
A close view of the mechanicum symbol.
And a detail of the sarcophagus, this time, I´ve painted the visor as if it was some kind of "digital eye", just to give it a more sci-fi look.

And still looking for names to my dreads... Any idea?

Hope you like it.