October 25, 2013

Khador Man-O-War demolition Corps: Completed!!

Here they are, completed at last.

As you can see they keep the same scheme that my warjacks have, green body and red left shoulderpad.

I haven´t weathered them because they are the elite troops and I suppose they will be cleaning and repainting their armor when it weathers off, anyway I´m still pondering it.

As you can see I´ve done the same effect as in the axe of the juggernaut, that is cause the juggernaut axe is a frost axe and these are ice mauls so I´ve choose to keep the theme.

And here is the sarge, painted as the regular dudes but with a red tabard plate and and open helmet.

Damn... I need to base my army ASAP... any ideas?

Coment and criticism will be welcome as ever.


Tim said...

Holy cow! You've really come a long way in the past few years. amazing work. Now do the bases!

Grajo said...

Many thanks. Yeah, it was kind of a long walk but here we are :D

Yeah, but I don´t know how I´m gonna do the bases yet, if you have any idea I will be so glad to hear it.

Tim said...

Bases...well lots of people use resin bases but I feel that is completely missing the joys of making your own base.

Normally I just go outside and gather some dirt, rocks and stuff. Then I place the large rocks first and glue them in, then I cover the base in glue and sprinkle dirt over it. Then paint it and place grass tufts. This is the simplest form of base you can do. When I am doing armies (not displays) this is kind of my standard process.

Tim said...

Then again...considering you've already done the painting on the model, I might actually advocate for resin bases. You can paint them separately with an airbrush first. Then remove your painted models from their unpainted plastic bases, clip the slotta and pin the models to the now painted resin bases.

Grajo said...

Thing is that I´m gonna use the models to actually play warmachine so maybe I´ll try the rocks and sand stuff first with a touch of glue and flock and maybe use some kind of resin base in a warjack or warcaster...

The other thing is that I´m quite lazy :D so I´ll have to use all my willpower to not use the easiest technique, hehehehe.

But these are a pair of great ideas, many thanks mate!!!