October 3, 2013

The butcher of Khardov

Hi all, folks!
Today I bring you my butcher of khardov.

As you have noticed all my khador are mostly green with a red left shoulderpad, well, this dude is all red, just cause he is a high rank military member so I want him to stand out among the rest of the army.

 So, he has the greens but his armor is red, just to keep matching with the rest of the army.

An icy energy effect I tried in the axe.

This dude is a blast to paint, I have to say that, being a fanatic of plastics and resin (some resins, not all), I love the metals from Privateerpress, it have its issues, yes, but they are usually easy to repair or avoid and the details of the minis tends to be crisp and clean.

Next time: the first step of my Man-O-War demolition corps.

See you nex time.

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