October 29, 2013

My Khador army

Here is a picture of my Khador army so far.

There aren´t photos of the war dog because it came a bit warped and it isn´t a good model to show, but here it is.

What do you think about them?


Ricalope Jesson said...

I really like your colour scheme, and you have done a superb job with the highlights. I want to see more!!

Tim said...

Great painting for sure. Love the colors and the cleanliness.

Shame that the bases were left for last, those are easier to do before painting the entire model.

Grajo said...

.- Ricalope: Thanks mate, I´m happy that you like them.

There aren´t more left at the moment, but I have an starter pack and a Spriggan as well as some other troops waiting for the brush :D

.- Tim: Thanks, I´m quite proud of them.

Yeah, but you already know me and my lazy basing :D, but I´ll try my best to give them nice bases, promised.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your stuff is AMAZING!

Definitely keeping my eyes on this.

Grajo said...

.- Miniarmy: many thanks mate, be welcome :D

Anonymous said...

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SinSynn said...

They look extremely intimidating, like a good Khador army should.

Thanks fer stoppin' by da House with that link! Much appreciated (although I worry about Zab learning new painting techniques and continuing to make normal hobbyists look bad- looks like you don't hafta worry, tho, cuz yer also entirely too good).

Thanks again!

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