July 3, 2013

Carcharodons: Counts as Azrael WIP.

Hello all, keeping up with the carcharodons stuff here it is my second tryout mini: a count as Azrael, chapter master of the Dark Angels.

I´ve used the captain mini in the dark crusade box because it carries a huge sword and a combiplasma (just as Azrael does), so it fits prefectly.
I´ve filed out the DA iconography as well as one talon of the sword, just to make it look as a Shark back fin (it looks nice in my opinion).

I´ve painted it in the same colours as the previous librarian, adding a bit of red for the garments and black for the cloak.

I´ve tried to achieve an energised sword effect where the electrodes of the sword are, it was made with watered down light turquoise and white, and I like the results.

What do you guys think?

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