July 25, 2013

Carcharodons counts as Bjorn the Fellhanded: minor conversions.

Hi all.

Here they are some minor conversions I´ve made to a FW´s relic contemptor dreadnought to make him count as Bjorn the Fellhanded.

First of all, a close combat-y plasma cannon: Now that you can swap bjorn weapons I´ve decided to weaponize (more) a plasma cannon, and to make this I´ve added some talos bits to make it more menacing, and casually there was a talos bit which has many rivets, which is great cause it totally fits the carcharodons generally riveted look.

As you see the round part fits perfectly the plasma cannon frame.
The blade was attached filing the thing and using a drill to make its union more sturdy.

And voilá, a pretty menacing bladed plasma cannon.

Next I´ve riveted part of the torso, just for the fun of it and it looks pretty good.

After this, given that Bjorn has a 5++ save, I´ve added a radar thing in top of it, just to represent Bjorn is ever attuned with battlefield changes and is aware of all dangers around him... and because it looks similar to the AMS in Mechwarrior Online, a game I´m totally in love with.

I´ve also uber-riveted the left shoulder, to make it more carcharodons looking.

 Closer view:

And i´ve put also some trim and rivets in the right shoulder.

I hope to post painted pictures soon.


Tiberius Primaris said...

Great idea on the plasma cannon, I can just imagine Bjorn slashing and blasting. The rivets are a nice touch, I look forward to seeing him painted up.

Silicon Assassin said...

Looking good, want to see the finished article now!

Grajo said...

.- Tiberius: Many thanks mate. That is the idea I had, that a dude like Bjorn should be slashing even with his ranged weapons arm :)

.- Silicon Assasin: Thank you :)

Jacin said...

I'm just discovering your site, and I'm curious how you do your rivets. Any tips?