July 10, 2013

Carcharodons: Counts as Belial/Arjac Rockfist (Asterion Moloch).

Here it is my carcharodons´count as Belial or Arjac Rockfist.

Whe mini is FW´s Asterion Moloc, chapter master of the Minotaurs, with the minotaurs symbols filed out (pretty hard work, by the way) and painted in carcharodons colours.

There is again the energised weapons effect (damn cell phone and his blurry photos...).

 The hammer.

It is a ver nice mini, and very fun to paint, full of nice details and it came perfectly cast so...

 A blurry view of the back of the mini.

In this shoulderpad I tried to make kind of a imperial eagle from the minotaurs chapter (although I think I didn´t successed at it)

What do you think?


Andy - bG said...

Looks fantastic, and I think you did a great job of converting the Minotaurs chapter badge. Seeing this has sparked a lot of ideas off in my mind, great work and a lovely paintjob.

DimmyK said...

Looks amazing!

Grajo said...

.- Andy: Many thanks mate. I tried my best :D

.- DimmyK: Thanks dude.