July 31, 2013

Necron canoptek spider, a training session.

Hi guys, today I bring you photos of one of my latest training sessions :D

There it is a necron canoptek spider completed, but let´s take a look at what I´ve done (or tried).

First of all I tried to make some energy lines in the carapace, mask them and paint the rest red, but the mask stuck so strong that the intended effect was removed from place, hence it was finally painted red and from purely frustration I used agrax earthshade in the crevasses instead of making any kind of effect.

Here you can see the intended effect before the masking mess.

After the metallics were painted, I tried a blue glowing effect in the lower part of the mini, and I´m very proud of it cause it looks pretty well in my opinion.

The effect was achieved painting the glowing bulbs dark blue, then airbrushing it with a 50/50 mix of light blue and matt medium and then adding the final touch with a 50/50 mix of white and matt medium

After previous success I got a bit carried away and did the same effect in every glowing stuff of the mini, which again turned OK.

Here you have the finished miniature (without proper base), I have to say that with this mini I learned a lot about using the airbrush.

Here is another shot in other perspective of the mini.

As you can see, the base was kind of a learning field before I started with the mini :)

Hope you like it.


Warboss Stalin said...

Nice. Hey, question, what blue was the color of your wave serpents?

Grajo said...

The base is GW´s Shadow grey (don´t know the new name), the first highlight is Vallejo´s grey blue and the final highlight is Americana´s baby blue.

Warboss Stalin said...