June 30, 2010

The Horror

Do you see this?

This is the result of about three years of painting.

Ohhh, I´m a perfectly normal painting pot.

This pot, which is a cut-off plastic glass, has seen more minis than any of my brushes, it has seen raven guard guys, green tau, turquoise tau, colour testing for orks and eldar (lots), some eventually painted non-40k mini... and some other things I cannot remember right now.
But some time ago, a friend took a look at it and started to scratch it with his fingernail, for almost an hour of this shadowrun roleplaying afternoon he tried to take apart the paint, and finally... he succeeded.


Hehehe, it seems like a breach of the warp or something similar, indeed, you can suppose the gold patches are the very fabric of hope, or fear or something, but nope, they are the aquilas, rosarius, and some other stuff of my first Raven Guard painted mini... a Chaplain with Jumpack.

Here you can take a look at it with my current WIP, a 10 man squad of raven guard scouts.
This guy is there so you can measure how much dry paint was in the pot at the moment of the removal.

The grays are from raven guard and tau highlights, the reds are from raven guard shoulderpads and tabards and tau´s eyes, turquoise are from the plasma guns of the raven guard, yellow is... well, I don´t know what minis are yellows from...
Oh, and by the way... it smells a lot like fresh paint :D


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Anonymous said...

That was the thing you were doing during the gameplay ???

It makes sense now.

. . .