June 1, 2010

TAU: Devilfish for the first squad

The last day I posted my fire warriors squad today I show you their steed.

There is what I think is one of the best transports on the whole game, second only to the Eldar Wave Serpent and IG´s Valkirye (nop, I don´t think the monstruosity called "Stormraven gunship" is a transport, I prefer to think about it as a game designer´s bad day).

The Devilfish is a well armored, medium armed, well balanced piece of plaststeel (or whatever the tau use to build their tanks... greatergoodsteel? ... whatever), wich seems more than able to carry their package safe to the place they should be while shooting decently, as well as be a good cover for Crisis or Stealth suits in their advance, which is a way of cover I suppose the tau (if they come to exist) will not use, cause the engines are pointing directly backwards, just at the point where the suits are commonly hiding :D

The devilfish is a very anoying thing to play against, not only is well armored and can pack a little punch while dropping a furious bunch of blue-skinny-shooty guys in the middle of your forces, it can also ignore most terrain, block a lot of sight and drop a pair of gun drones, drones wich tend to be a strange annoyance cause they aren´t powerful enough to crush your army or to distract some forces onto them but they still can move quickly, force you to go to ground and reach objectives nulifying your hard-fighted claim.

What I expect from the devilfish: Effective, mobile and well armoured carrying for troups as well as become a huge sting in the mind of my opponents with his weapons and drones.
Also I think it will be used as a cover more often than it´s pilots will desire :D

And now the pics:

The Devilfish in all it´s gravitic glory (I think I will change the color of it´s nose from white to green, the white was here to add a little colour, but since I´ve painted my hammerhead only in green this white spot is not working visually for me)
The side of the Devilfish (as you can see it´s drones are still WIP, indeed, they are my current WIP with two 5-man units of Raven Guard Scouts).
And the back.
This is the spot I should change.

And a detail of the Optics.

Like the Fire Warriors it still lacks markings.
Comments and criticicism will be sincerely wellcome.

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