June 22, 2010

TAU: Apocalypse Battlesuits.

Guys with big guns: XV88 apocalypse suits.

They are what everyone see what they dream of heavy support, indeed, if you search heavy support somewhere an apoc suit will be the photo of the entry.

Today, zoanthropes are hardly trying to reach this level, but apocs are still the pinnacle of the long range high raw power weaponery.

And the best is that if you spend 10 points in upgrades for each member of the squad... They move and shoot!!

They are good, far way better when markerlighted, but I´m going to let the crisis suits be my warhorse, while the apoc will be used when needed, so I think I will usually field one of two of them, but in separate units and made them leaders so they can choose equipment to maximize their performance.

Also, with the time I want to order to forgeworld 3 apocs with plasma rifles, but I´m waiting until every Raven Guard thing is released and then, I will make the super-miniatures-FW-order :D

What I expect from them: Long range shooting, as well as good survivability, because I will usually field them with shield drones.
Apart from this I will need them to create some lanes of fire to prevent enemy things running wild along the battlefield as well as make my fellow opponents think uncomfortably about those big twin linked 2+ armored guns.

Here they are, the leader (white plated one) and a fella (another fella needed).

Ta-ta-ta-ta CONGA!
Maybe you haven´t noticed it due to my horribly took photos, but one shoulder weapon is pointing directly front, and the other one is pointing in the direction the apoc helmet is looking at, so one weapon points front and the weapon in the side the armor is looking points wherever it looks... I see it as logic and I think it is a nice detail.
This is the side of this guys I want to be in the battlefield.

Notice the red lines of energy in the vent of the backpack of the apocs, I´m very proud of them.
I think in this photo you can appreciate the whole shoulder-mounted weapon thing
Your opinions, as ever will be welcome, guys.


Anonymous said...

Uhmmm ...

Double gun, double fun ... Where I have read that ?

I hope to be always to be on the right side of thoe guys ( At least I know Marbo will be )

. . .

Tim said...

Very nice. I am definitely following this blog. Great to see such well-painted Tau. XV88s rule. Armies with lots of these guys do very well.

Grajo said...

.- Anon: Don´t know where this quote should be, but is as true as life.

Hehehe, yep, we all hate this little human-shaped carnifex, and he will be in the right side of this guys, thats the reason we bring entire armies to the battlefiels... so he cannot be in the right side of everyone :D

.- Old Shatter Hands: Heh, I am unofficially following your blog since... well I don´t really know, but long long time now (indeed, your blog was in the first batch of our blogroll :) ).

Now that I think about it... is the moment to start following all the blogs I usually visit :D

And thanks for "well painted" comment ;)