June 17, 2010

TAU: Hammerheads/Skyrays

I know what you are thinking: "Whoa, lots of troops but none of the other".

Yep, but this is gonna change in this post, because today I´ll show you one of my heavy supports, well one type, because there are three which are different and the same at a time.

In this post: Hammerheads/Skyrays

More than just one?


When I was thinking about my then future Tau army, I felt the need of some hard-hitting long-ranged but highly mobile units.

The first thing that came to my mind were the apoc suits, but they aren´t definitely "highly mobile", "slightly mobile"... maybe, so I picked up the same weapon but instead of being controlled by a guy, controlled by a crew... and mounted over a devilfish frame, of course.

(Get out of the shock, guys, I´ll use apoc suits too :D )

So I was going to order a hammerhead, when a friend told me "Are you going to magnetize it?".
Hmmm I don´t really like to magnetize my minis, but in this case there is a better approaching (IMO) to the one-frame-various-weapons trouble... to buy a skyray and order a hammerhead upgrade, so, I´ll get the skyray turret and the hammerhead turret twice (one for railgun the other for the ion cannon, so I´m not in need of magnetize anything... more expensive, yes, but I think it does the trick better (and you can have every defensive weapon option, don´t have the need to choose which one to assemble).

What I expect from the tanky things: Well, as obvious what I expect is a lot of mobile dakka, combined with some more dakka and sometimes armored dakka, which, in case you haven´t noticed, is a cube armored and mobile dakka :D, not as many dakka as with apoc suits but mobile and armored...
The skyray should be more a support unit and a mobile markerlight station instead of raw dakka (it doesn´t have the potential to be pure dakka but a firebase best friend instead.
And also they can act as a mobile screen of cover for the suit guys as well as for any other tank in a conga-line style of movement.

Oh, and as you should have noticed the title says HammerheadS/SkyrayS... yep, I ordered three of them... and painted them at the same time.

The frame: I tried to create a green line with the armour plates from the front to the back.

The x marks the places... where I hope they don´t get shoot.

The greater gooded side of the things.

The main weapons (x3).

This for each tank.

Close view of the ion cannon.

One for the railgun.

And another one for the skyray turret (markerlights pending).

A skyray with its turret.

The same from a more frontal point of view.
The same from the highest point of view :D

A very close detail of the cockpit.
The three frames parked near the cinema.

As ever, please, comment and argue :D

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