December 7, 2009

And they shall know a beginning.

Hi all fellow gamers.

This is the very first post of the ofwolfandraven blog, written by a pair of spanish gamers who want to share his view of the hobby with every one who want to enter here.

And who, in the name of the god-emperor are you?

True, first of all, a subtle introduction:

Elahir; The Wolf:

Wargamer for over 17 years, painter and part time berserker.

I have been playing Warhammer 40k (with some occasional WHFB skirmishes) since Rogue Trader with a break during the 4th edition.

I've always been a Space wolf player, the very first time I set my eyes on a blister of Grey Hunters it was love at first sight.

Being a Dwarf hater to the bone I still raise a pint of ale to celebrate the anniversary of the destruction of the Squat home worlds.

Grajo; The Raven:

I´ve been a hobbyist and a wargamer for more time than i can remember, but i can try to set a start aproximately at the times of the 2nd edition of Blood Bowl.

Being a great fan of skirmishers, small forces and fast and mobile armies as well as a lover of the fan-unfavourites i can´t do other thing that build a Raven Guard army ]:), that is still growing more than my shelves can afford, with and Eldar and a Tau armies as future projects.

Also a proud -but not a really good- painter i´m always searching the way to paint cohesive uniform-looking armies, and trying to learn something from every miniature i paint.

I´ve been also a very intermitent WFB player ( i hope that in the future my gaming group will turn to play some WFB too), with an special feeling for Wood Elves and the Empire (Raven Guard, Eldar, Empire and Wood elves... Do you see any kind of pattern here?).

= = = = = = = = =

So, as you can suppose this will be a blog about Space Wolves and Raven Guard, with some other spin-offs in the form of... almost every other thing GW-related in wich we will try to add our point of view to the yet experienced and ever growing community of wargaming.

Ye all be welcome reading and commenting for here starts Of Wolf and Raven.


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