December 16, 2009

Schemes (part 2)

In the last post i was talking about my raven guard home custom made scheme, and today is the terminators´scheme turn.

This was the first scheme I tried for my termies (which my shooty termies still bear):

And this is how I am painting them at the moment, (which is exactly the same but with a white or red stripe in the helmet).

Red stripe for shooty terminators:

And a white stripe for the assaulty ones:

And this is an example of my assault termies (stil WIP), they are 5 out of 10 (right now i have painted 2 more and a subtle converted lysander, but i have no photos yet.

Don´t know why but I am really proud of them.

If someone knows how to add photos thar resizes when clicked on, please let me know :D

Once again don´t mind the tags, please.



Ultra Vulkan said...

you might like to check out my raven guard blog:

You can check out my painting scheme. I may even be trading away some of my surplus raven guard (painted). Let me know what you think and if your interested...

Grajo said...

Yeah, I visit your blog regularly.

At the moment i got more minis than i can paint or use in my games so I think I have to decline your offer, sorry, but thanks anyway.