December 23, 2009

At last.

Hmmmm this blog has something to celebrate, i think :D

I think this two aren´t the best forgeworld dreads, although i like ´em.
To take a look at the Dreads and the Mek FW will be releasing soon click HERE.
I only hope some more raven guard releases from forgeworld.
And one more time (last time, i think) ... don´t mind the tags :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, could there have been a more perfect release from Forgeworld to go with your blog?

Yeah, I agree that the models themselves aren't spectacular--but it's col that they gave your chapters the nod. I also think the chassis on the Space Wolf dread is workable--it's the legs that have got to go.

Grajo said...

Hehehehe, yep.

Hell yeah, I was thinking the same, the legs of the wolves dread are so simple and even... un-space-wolf, kinda elegant :D

Elahir said...

Bit similar to the other chapters dreads but I like them anyway. If now they released the Thunderwolf cavalry ^^