December 17, 2009

Battle missions book...

Some time ago, i was reading the astronomican in GW´s web page, when I read that they are going to release some new kits for Orks, IG and Space Marines.

I was talking about it with my fellow blogger, Elahir, he said that everything in the marines codex was released as miniature, and i´ve been thinking and got a pair of ideas about it:

Master of the forge: We can convert our techmarines to fit the role of a Master of the Forge, but there is not any kit at the moment, and it will be cool.

Plastic Venerable Dreadnought: I think we need a plastic and more customizable Ven Dread, the one is a very heavy chunk of metal (despite I like it), and isn´t customizable at all, so every GW Ven Dreadnought is kinda the same but with different colours.

New Dreadnought kit: The old one is good, but the close combat weapon seems ridiculous near the Ironclad one, if you put one near another the regular dread seems like a huge guy with tiny arms, and again... a little customization will not hurt.

Dreadnought drop pod: If they release a new dread (regular or venerable) it will be an ill spend opportunitty if they don´t release one of this.

Terminator captain/commander/chapter master: Hey, Chaos Space Marines got one of these, so I´m praying our god emperor to get a kit for space marines, especially when I´m thinking about buying a CSM one and file it until it fits as a space marine commander (i really like the lightning claws and they really fit in my Raven Guard army).

Thunderhawk gunship plastic kit: Elahir is praying for one of these, not me, I´m not a great fan of these (despite the Raven Guard is supposed to be the chapter that owns more thunderhawk gunships).

Motorcycle hero kit: Well... just an idea :D



Old Shatter Hands said...

I don't think Marines need any more minatures. All the stuff you mentioned above can be done with the exsisting kits. I want to see Dark Eldar, Necrons and Grey KNights get some love. Even though i'm a Tau player, I think those armies are in more need than any other army. The Space Marine line is fine as it is now, so is the ork line and the IG line.

Grajo said...

Not only marines are fine, but they got 5 different marine ranges (not complete ranges but DA, BT, BA, SW and vanilla marines are more than enough for almost every space marine army you can think of... )

I am only trying to predict what are they gonna release, but before any new marine mini I prefer to see the whole dark eldar range and some additions to the necron, whateverhunters and eldar ranges, in example wraithguards plastic kits or new eldar jetbikes, or other much needed kits as plastic necron immortals (their price is abusive, as is wraithguard´s).

And tau range is ok, not great but ok, I have a tau army in progress (very slow progress at the moment) and think they got a fine range of miniatures that turns to be great when mixed with some forgeworld kits.

Rumours say 2010 will come with 4 codexes, I hope it will come with 4 ranges updated too, if not redone like dark eldar (ugliest miniatures in 40k), that´s what i said "my beloved and sometimes hated space marines" in my previous post, because i like ´em but GW puts almost half of the efforts in SM and the other half in the rest of the armies.

Elahir said...

I'm really curious about this new SM release. I've been hearing rumours about a plastic Thunderhawk for a while but I'm pretty sure they are redoing one of the old metal kits.