December 24, 2009

Wolf at the Door (spoiler)

I've just finished reading this Space wolves short story included in the Tales of Heresy book. I really like it but I had a deja vu feeling while I was reading it and now I know what it is. It is really similar to one of my favorites movies: The 13th warrior

If you think about it, everything makes sense:

  • The name of the main characters are pronounced the same: Buliwyf and Bulveye.

  • Both lead a small party of 13 warriors to help a foreign kingdom that request their help.

  • The enemy outnumbers them and they have to use guerrilla warfare tactics.

  • Finally they sneak into the enemy fortress and kill the leader.

Don't get me wrong I love this story, specially the final surprise and knowing where it comes from it only gets better (damn now I really want to watch the movie again!).


eriochrome said...

Oh yes, Eaters of the Dead

Elahir said...

The book is on my to read pile, hope it's a good one ^^