December 11, 2009

A bit of story: Schemes.

And now a bit of story:

About two and a half years ago, when we agreed to get back to play warhammer 40k again, I was thinking about 2 army options: tau and eldar. I have an inherited eldar army (from an old friend that i haven´t seen in about 10 years), but i really like the multi-species do-gooder style of the Tau (and tau are pretty easier to paint than the eldars, which for a guy that has been out of miniature painting for years is a thing to consider).

After much internal debate I decided to go with the tau, so i started my tau army.
The colours wasn´t the best choice, but i really like ´em, they were black, turquoise and orange for details (I know what you are thinking and no, it doesn´t stink, in fact they looked great), and when about 1500 points were painted the shelf where I had the minis broke down and my army was tore into pieces, tiny pieces... indeed very tiny pieces, don´t know how, but... microscopic pieces.

I know it was an accident, but i was really upset not for the money I lost in about 3 seconds but for the effort I put on these miniatures (well, for the money too :) ), so i decided to start another army that need few models to play with, and I went with my beloved and sometimes hated Space Marines (so I´m now a marine player like about 110% of 40K players i think).

And again i started with the whole scheme-thinking process, first of all I was going to paint them white with red details, but I accepted the limit of my skills (white paint is my nemesis) and keep searching.

Other option (one I really liked) was a grey, yellow and white scheme (which finally i´ll use to my eldar, you´ll see).

At this point I decided to select the army for the fluff so White Scars, Salamanders and Raven Guard do it to the final selection.

Well, I like Salamanders fluff, but if you remember I´m a fan of fast-mobile armies, so Scars or Ravens were the logical choices, and when I thought of my skill painting white and the priming-highlighting fastness of the Raven Guard my final choice was already done.

Then I started to gather information of the Raven Guard and the schemes for the minis, and i discovered that even GW don´t has a main scheme developed for them (if you take a look at the scout in the codex and the scouts in the land speeder storm box you´ll se they are painted in a totally different scheme).

I like the Jet Black scheme, but I thought it was going to be a too black army, without any fun in painting it and nothing remarkable so I twisted the scheme a bit and mixed the main scheme with the scheme of the veterans (white shoulderpads) and red for the casing of the weapons and this is what I get:

A tactical marine.

An assault marine.

A devastator.

A vanguard veteran.

And this is the scheme in a painted miniature: A biker seargeant.

Do you like my table clothes? :D

And this is all for this post, don´t mind the tags, we are under construction and I´m testing some things.


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